Arts Collaboratory


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In Febraury 2018 a Banga meeting was called in Berlin with the purpose of revisiting Arts Collabrotory’s mechanism for self-organization. The result was a document titled “Pathway to Clarity” that detailed how AC could further maintain itself moving forward. The Banga signaled the beginning of a new chapter that can be entitled “2018–19: Deeper understanding of self-organization and meaningful collaboration”. The aim of the Banga was to review what works, what has not worked, worldviews, principles, and operating structures in order to form concrete proposals for how to continue. Its goal was to create a meeting that not only sparked the collective imagination, but also reviewed and critiqued the existing dynamics so as to address the foundational elements of Arts Collaboratory. What is the purpose of the network? Why does it  exist? What is being focused on? How does the network want to work together? What is it that AC offers? And how does it add value? These questions helped AC to prioritize, simplify, and become more strategic about the values and paradigm shifts the network wants to work on. The “Pathway to Clarity” document will act as a reference point for the 2018 Assembly gathering.