Arts Collaboratory



The Arts Collaboratory Tent during the Kampala Contemporary Art 2014 Festival

KLA ART 014, Kampala Uganda, 32º East Ugandan Arts Trust, video, 1'10"

The Arts Collaboratory Tent was organized during the occasion of the Kampala Contemporary Art 2014 Festival (KLA ART 014) that took place between 4–31 October 2014. The festival was organized by the Arts Collaboratory participating organization 32º East Ugandan Arts Trust, a center based in Kampala focused on creating and exploring contemporary Ugandan art. Throughout the month, the festival showcased contemporary artists from Uganda and neighboring countries under the theme Unmapped exploring questions such as: who are the unheard voices of our cities? How can we represent and celebrate the unseen urban-dweller?

Unfolding over three sites, the festival included an exhibition at Kampala Railway Station featuring artists from Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Five Ugandan curators, together with South African curator Gabi Ngcobo, worked with the artists to represent the mostly unheard voices of artisan traders in these countries’ major cities. 

The second main component the Boda Boda Project displayed artworks by twenty a