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Arts Collaboratory New Visual Identity & Website

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Wok the Rock, New Arts Collaboratory Identity, 2015
Wok the Rock, Sketch for the Arts Collaboratory visual identity. Photo: Binna Choi

With the new phase of Arts Collaboratory coming into fruition we are excited to share the new identity developed by the Yogyakarta-based artist and cultural activist, Wok the Rock and the new website designed by Wok the Rock, Thijs Gadiot and Martijn Eerens in collaboration with Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory.

Visual Identity

Wok the Rock (or Woto Wibowo) graduated from the Visual Communication Design Department at Indonesia Institute of Arts in Yogykarta, and is interested in experimenting with collective space, interdisciplinary works, and interventions into contemporary culture by using design aesthetics as a speculative platform for his artistic practice. He is a member of Yogyakarta based artist collective Ruang MES 56 and is an affiliate of KUNCI Cultural Studies Center. 

Active in the underground music scene in Yogyakarta, Wok the Rock co-produces music with local artists, runs an internet-based music label Yes No Wave Music, which distributes music for free download, curates experimental music gigs as Yes No Klub and has initiated the Indonesian Netlabel Union. He has been designated as curator of the 2015 Biennale Jogja, titled, Hacking Conflict. For more information on Wok the Rock see: 

Wok has detailed his thinking behind the process of making the new logo:

“The Arts Collaboratory logo is based on a common drawing: a landscape consisting of a tent (house) or mountain and a sun/moon, while a geometric image of triangle and curve. It also presents the acronym AC to simplify but strengthen the name, as it’s easier to be noticed. There are three primary colors used for the logo: red, blue and black. These colors represent a strong and bright feeling of tropical and Saharan countries (Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America).

This way the new logo identifies more with the connection or integration (formation, composition) of arts (visual, image) and discourse (text, literature, context) rather than visualizing Arts Collaboratory as a common figure, a network of dots and lines."


The website features news from all participant organizations as auto-feed from the facebook pages of each organization and introduces the collaborative projects: Arts Schoolaboratory, addressing alternative pedagogy; Territories Working Group: Lobby Research Project, redefining approaches to the notion of lobby; Minga, Exploring Utopia, enacting different forms of utopia; and Here and Now: A Collaborative Video Art Vision, a program of moving images from members’ respective regions. The website also functions as a library to share the organizations’ practices amongst each other and with the broader community to provide a toolkit for building a more common future.