Arts Collaboratory

Artists, curators, or researchers, related to Arts Collaboratory participants in Africa, Asia and Middle East.

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Results: open Call 2018 Residency opportunity in Colombia

We are happy to announce the selected artist for this edition:

-Fabrice Monteiro (Senegal) 

-Adhari Donora | Lifepatch (Indonesia) 

We received around 100 proposals from different countries and all of them where evaluated according to the following criteria: 

-The selected residents should be citizens from the Arts Collaboratory countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

-The interest of the proposal and connection of the proposal with the host(s) organization profile and lines of work


-Interview with finalists

-Willingness to participate in the organization’s program and documentation processes

-The commitment to share the experience in their home country/outputs and outcomes.


The committee was composed of representatives of Casa Tres Patios, Lugar a Dudas, Más Arte Más Acción and Platohedro. 

Residencies will happen between February and June 2018.