Arts Collaboratory

2nd Arts Collaboratory Assembly, Senegal

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Visit with Issa Samb at his studio. Photo: Alex Rubeola
Arts Collaboratory Assembly Plenary, Espace Sobo Bade. Photo: Paula Piedra

Following the first Arts Collaboratory Assembly in Indonesia, where we began a new phase and process of working together, the 2nd Assembly in Senegal took place with the aim of deepening the collaborations and develop a truly collective vision for the future of Arts Collaboratory. 

Introducing the wide spectrum of cultural production in Senegal, from art, theater, dance and music, Arts Collaboratory participants visited Le Village des Arts de Dakar, Les Colombins, Atelier Céramiques Almadies, Portes et Passages, Ecole des Sables, Espace Sobo Bade, Gorée Institute, The House of Slaves and the studio of artist Issa Samb among others. A presentation and discussion by members of the Y'en a Marre movement spoke about their advocacy and organization of youth, which lead to the defeat of the President Abdoulaye Wade in the 2012 elections, and the current difficulties they face building civic society in Senegal. 

There were two core foci for the workshops, furthering the collaborative projects and discussing a common framework for the future of Arts Collaboratory. To read more about about the Assembly and the process of developing a collective future vision and reports by participants you can follow this link.