Arts Collaboratory

Arts Collaboratory in Age of Wonderland 2015

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Symbat Satybaldieva from Art Group 705 for Age of Wonderland 2015. Photo by Symbat Satybaldieva
Sari Dennise from Crater Invertido for Age of Wonderland 2015. Photo by Sari Dennise

Arts Collaboratory Organizations at Age of Wonderland during Dutch Design Week!

Balancing Green & Fair Food | 17–25 October 2015

Symbat Satybaldieva / Art Group 705, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

20 Oct, 18:00 TOI Dinner Hack: Bring Your Own Dinner 24 Oct, 14:00 Feast of Food: Mapping Images of TOI Presentation
25 Oct, 15:30 Nomadic Food Tasting

Sari Dennise / Cooperativa Cráter Invertido, Mexico City

18 Oct, 15:00 Food & Nourishment Life-cycle
20 Oct, 15:00 What’s the Name of that Lake under Mexico City?
21 Oct, 13:30 Co-designing Infographics: Visualizing Alternative Models of Food Consumption
22 Oct, 13:00 Imaginary Tables: Dreams and Nightmares around Our Food

Arie Syarifuddin / Jatiwangi Art Factory, Jatiwangi, Indonesia

22 Oct, 14:00 The Story of Clay in The Village of Jatiwangi, Indonesia
22 Oct, 15:30 Clay=Food?