Arts Collaboratory

Arts Collaboratory in ArtCOP 21

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Arts Collaboratory At ArtCOP21:

A Side Program of the Climate Change Summit, Paris | 3-4 December 2015

3 December 11.30–12.45

Erna von der Walde, trustee, MAMA (Más Arte Más Acción)

@ Plenary Session: Maximizing Partner- ships to Create Effective Change
Here we explore successful partnerships between cultural organizations and strategic bodies focused on sustainability.

3 December 14.00–17.00

Jonathan Collin, co-director, MAMA; Tanja Vranic, program manager, HIVOS; and Yu-Lan van Alphen, coordinator, Arts Collaboratory and DOEN

@ Workshop Session 1: Sustainable Busi- ness Models for the Cultural and Creative Sector
How do we nurture management models that are responsible and collaboration-based and so create the conditions for new collaborative ecosystems? To what extent can these models integrate elements of environmental sustainability?

3 December 14.00–17.00

Carolina Caycedo, artist/activist, MAMA

@ Workshop Session 2: Art as a Medium for Citizen Action
How do we develop partnerships which support community engagement in environmental challenges and sustainable development?

How do we encourage ongoing bottom-up approaches and work closely with local communities?