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Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu

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"Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu" Publication by Lifepatch

"Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu is a series of events both interdisciplinary collaboration activities between communities and between individuals as an exploration of the definition of utopia in a collaborative framework. This event took place on 8-13 September 2015. In this event, Lifepatch invite some creative community who work in the arts, and social science to conduct joint activities. The event is part of the Minga, Exploring Utopia, an exploration “utopia” in the context of each – each carried out by 21 partners Arts Collaboratory. Especially for Lifepatch, a series of events was organized to try to identify forms of cultural collaboration that occurs in the practice of the creative community in Indonesia in general. Mingapa name Bigini Mingapa Bigitu is a“parody” of a private television program in Indonesia in the early 90s. The program takes the form of a short animation with a simple explanation of the scientific phenomena that occur in everyday life. The program then becomes a new breakthrough in education, especially the use of media technology in the distribution of knowledge in Indonesia at that time.

Transformation distribution of knowledge that evolved in Indonesia along with the emergence of the Internet in the 90s and growing more rapidly with ease, and speed the expansion of internet access in Indonesia. Influence the distribution of information and knowledge can be seen with the emergence of the practice of “hybrid” of local creative communities in Indonesia. The practice of “hybrid” is not only in the form of practices that deviated from formal educational background of the members of the community, but also form new practices which influence the distribution of information and knowledge alternatives that enrich and strengthen the practice with a background in education formally they have. Influence the distribution of information and knowledge can also be seen in the efforts of these communities to manipulate, modify, develop to create a new form of distribution and presentation in their respective environments. Practice had happened until today still tend to be straightforward interfaces and ongoing sporadic, where these communities taking grassroots initiatives in organizing workshops, exhibitions, presentations and discussions. Through this initiative, these communities has curbed and networking with people and communities with similar practices. Joint activities undertaken in the event Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu will invite participants to intersect with the topic of water and problems. Water is considered fairly broad topic as a starting point for the community to develop ideas together in a collaboration. This topic also been selected aspects of water problems occur both locally and globally. It is hoped that participants can exchange ideas and work together to raise the issue of water both in Yogyakarta and in the area of their residence each – each. The participants were chosen in this event is a community – a community that is very active in conducting activities both in the arts, science and social. Some are chosen because of the potential for collaboration in their participation in the event HackteriaLab years ago in Yogyakarta. Meetings and cooperation previously considered to accelerate the process of collaboration that will happen in this event.

Places and Location

Based on its location, Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu will be held in several places including Indonesia Contemporary Art Network (ICAN), River Forest Code and Wonosadi. All public events such as workshops, discussions, presentations and of course the lab while working together will take place in the ICAN. The participants will conduct field activities with an expedition visiting the area along the river, especially in the area Juminahan Code, Yogyakarta. While Wonosadi Forest will be the location of a special discussion for the participants involved in the process of working together."