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Ashkal Alwan

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Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019
OPEN CALL | Zoukak Theatre Company Applications are now open for “Kawalis Zoukak - Behind the Curtains”, a one-week intensive immersion in Zoukak’s work. The program targets performing arts practitioners, academics, researchers, anthropologists, cultural and socio-political actors—and all those interested in theatre practice in Lebanon, the region and beyond. Participants will be offered a behind-the-scenes look into Zoukak’s tools of artistic creation and psychosocial interventions, in addition to organizational, management and artistic direction insights. The program is an invitation to discover Zoukak’s history as a theatre company and as a cultural operator, and an introduction to its artistic methods and research, in addition to its social involvement through theatre. The participants will take part in masterclasses designed and delivered by Zoukak members, as well as attend Zoukak performances, and engage in discussion around selected issues. The week is also a chance to meet with artists and exchange around their various ways of working, their specific artistic tools, languages and approaches to theatre making and social practices. For practitioners, it is equally an opportunity to reflect on their own work. Dates: November 24-30, 2019