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Ashkal Alwan

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Posted on: Wednesday 31 July 2019
JOB OPPORTUNITY | Ashkal Alwan Ashkal Alwan is seeking an innovative and dedicated Digital Archivist to help develop and maintain a sustainable infrastructure for born-digital as well as digitized materials – including appraisal, transfer, processing, metadata entry, as well as collaborating with staff of Ashkal Alwan’s library to test and implement search, discovery and access solutions. Over the years Ashkal Alwan has been accumulating a large and diverse audiovisual archive containing magnetic and digital tapes, DVDs, and digital files. This material is largely comprised of films and performances, recordings of previous editions of Home Works Forum, HWP lectures, and numerous seminars and talks; an invaluable resource for any scholar or researcher with an interest in the history of contemporary art practices in the region. The audiovisual archive consists of over 2,o00 digital files, over 150 VHS/mini-DV tapes, and Terabytes of digital recordings, images, and manuscripts. All material is currently accessible through Ashkal Alwan’s inhouse network, and is planned to be released online in 2018. To apply: send your resume and a cover letter to For more details: