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Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory

Posted on: Tuesday 09 January 2018
"Yet, doesn’t this colonial scene also ring true for contemporary art institutions, which in fact present post-colonial critical works? These same and often Western institutions determine the conditions in which colonial critical works are shown, how objects are shown, in which taste or style they are presented, and all in conversation with the structures of power that allow for the house, the gallery and so forth to exist in the first place." Highlighting their experiences working in the Arts Collaboratory network and the 'Site for Unlearning (Art Organization)' project with artist Annette Krauss, Casco's Binna Choi and Yolande Van Der Heide reflect on various histories of colonial heritage, alternative modes of labor and labor relations, and organizing art institutes differently, in the text 'Decolonizing Art Institutes from a Labor Point of View', their contribution to Issue 35 of On Curating: Decolonizing Art Institutions.