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Centre Soleil d'Afrique

Bamako, Mali

Exterior of Centre Soleil d'Afrique. Photo: Amadou Keita.
Public art made by 19 female artists during a workshop at Soleil d'AfriqueAn, exhibition in Sikasso, during the Festival FAIVA November 2014
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Bp 6076 ACI 2000
Bamako, Mali

T/F (+203) 229 00 23





Our vision is to provide young artists with opportunities to enhance their knowledge, creativity capabilities, and deliberate on social and traditional constraints, to further their own artistic and social development nationally and internationally.

In response to the socio-political situation in Mali, Encounters DJEKA-MIRI consists of a series of activities: workshops, meetings, conferences and festivals, to show how the contemporary arts can play an important role in the form and implementation of a sustainable and social peace.