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Kër Thiossane

Dakar, Senegal

Photo: Kër Thiossane
Photo: Kër Thiossane
Postal Address

Villa Nr. 1695 Sicap Liberte II
Dakar BP10664

T (+221) 864 47 18
F (+221) 567 76 19


Kër Thiossane is a cultural space for artistic and civic imagination, dedicated to social and artistic innovation. It encourages the integration of multimedia in traditional artistic and creative practices, and seeks to support the mixing of disciplines, focusing its activities on research into art and new technologies and what they imply in our societies.

After two years working specifically on the thematic of commons , in  2014, Kër Thiossane launched, next to its centre, in public space a School of the Commons. Centered on an Art Garden and Fablab, the school enables the improvement of the methodologies of discussion and self-organization that activate the collective management of common property. Built on a former trash dump, the garden is a venue for experimentation, a workshop in the open air where the public can conjointly become actors and spectators.