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Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Raquel Schwartz, Flotel Reina Enin, Mamoré River, Beni, Bolivia, 2014
Artist resident talk, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, 2015
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Calle Arenales # 319 
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

T (+591) (3) 3396626


Kiosko is a non-profit, independent alternative platform for contemporary visual art, created by artists. We host a residency program and produce events related to education and dissemination of contemporary art. We seek dialogue through the voice of artists with different ideas and creative senses that give impulse to social, cultural and sustainable innovation.

ABUBUYA KM0 2014 is an example for an International Workshop involving visual artists, cultural managers, curators, interacting with the moxeño community El Rosario (Beni – Bolivia), accessible by the River Mamoré only.