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Posted on: Wednesday 10 October 2018
DESIGN THINKING WITH FIGMA AFRICA AND SIT-DOWN WITH KOFI SETORDJI Design Thinking Workshop facilitated by @figmaafrica for @nubuke_foundation at @basecamp_initiative. Over these past few days we’ve used #DesignThinking to critically tackle our personal creative projects and addressing the infrastructural needs of Ghana. We were gifted with a sit-down with Kofi Setordji, Nubuke Artistic Director and celebrated Ghanaian Artist. He spoke about the cultural importance of weaving Kente and preserving the historical, craftsmanship, and the artistry of weaving. We are using our creativity, spirit, and resolve to move Ghana forward! #Figma #FigmaAfrica #Ghana #Weaving #Kente #aNuWay #TheOnlyWayIsForward #GhanaMustGo #Forward #BaseCampInitiative #BritishCouncil