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Posted on: Monday 17 July 2017
Many dark skin women are proud of their natural complexion but not all of them. We wonder why some women choose to bleach and the most common and evident reason why some women choose to bleach their skin is: - LOW SELF ESTEEM Lets us discuss this. What is causing this low self esteem in our dark skin ladies? Is there a notion that light skinned girls are more attractive to men? Yes or No? Is the media playing any role in fueling this low self esteem? - Most music videos with supposedly "attractive" girls all seem to be light skinned? Right or Wrong? Even local billboards, advertising all sorts of products seem to feature more light skinned ladies. Watch this short video from Comfort Arthur, one of Ghana's finest animationists talks about beauty and skin bleaching in her animation "Black Barbie" which won best animation at the 2016 GMA's.