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Posted on: Friday 07 June 2019
We are proud tonight to have opened the exhibition PO4 (Blackout) with artist Christian Danielewitz. PO4 bears witness to the destruction caused by open pit phosphate mining in the Taiba region of Senegal, bringing organic and manmade material from Taiba into an environment supported by phosphate products that is, ultimately, unsustainable. Preparation for this exhibition, its public programme, activism workshops and reader would have been impossible were it not for the dedicated and generous professors, activists, art historians and citizens of Taiba who shared their expertise and energy, and for whom we give thanks. PO4 is dedicated to Gad Gomene, a village situated in the heart of the mining region, and runs until 28th June. #PO4Blackout #phosphatemining #christiandanielewitz #dakar #taibandiaye #activisme├ęcologique