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Posted on: Sunday 20 August 2017
Some photos of Satch Hoyt's performance at the Museo La Tertulia as part of his residency at Lugar A Dudas in #Cali #Colombia. Hair Combing Cycle 1530 Hair combing as a symbol of colonial history detanglement Hair is a cultural signifier, the politics of black women’s hair have long been of major interest in the discussion around the notion of blackness. Hoyt's performance re-enacts the daily grooming ritual performed in homes by African and African Diaspora mothers on their young children and on each other. This symbolic, poetic intervention of cross generational women unified in a cyclic formation to create a real time musical composition, is a defiant rebuke on the centuries of white supremacist, colonial and neo-colonial conditioning notions of beauty imposed on black subjects. The performance is a multi layered action, a cross-semination of grooming and a form of oral knowledge distribution, the passing down of the codes from mother to child. The sonic antiphony of the comb through the curls is the detanglement of entangled chapters in traumatised colonial slave histories from African continent to the transnational African diaspora. The Hair Combing Cycle turns a lens on the act of violence inflicted on the oppressed, and the often violent retaliation returned to the oppressor #decolonization #resistance #empowerment #Africa #Africanheritage #africandiaspora #museolatertulia #lugaradudas #vansa #masartemasaccion #rawmaterialcompany #artscollaboratory