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Ramallah, Palestine

Tour during the Riwaq Biennale. Photo: Riwaq Archive
Riwaq Centre, al Bireh, Palestine. Photo: Riwaq Archive
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Al Sharafeh, Al Bireh, Palestine
P.O.Box 212

T (+972) 2 2406887
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F (+972) 2 2406986


Riwaq’s central goal is to protect, utilize and promote cultural and architectural heritage in Palestine through projects of rehabilitation and revitalization. The programs are diverse and flexible in their approaches of how to revive relationships between people and their built heritage, which is mostly neglected.

The Riwaq Biennale was initiated aiming at the revitalization of historic centers of 50 towns and villages throughout Palestine. It is structured around curated site visits, gatherings and projects in the Palestinian territories, organized in partnership with local institutions and communities.