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San Jose, Costa Rica

Exterior view of TEOR/éTica, located in Barrio Amón, San José, Costa Rice. Photo: Dominique Ratton
Exhibition space at TEOR/éTica´s Lado V. Exhibition 'The Generation of Confinement' curated by In Situ (Mauricio Esquivel and Jaime Izaguirre), 2014. Photo: Daniela Morales Lisac
Postal Address

300 m. Norte del kiosco del Morazán,
c.7 ave. 9 y 11, Casa #953, Barrio Amón,
San José, Costa Rica.

T (+506) 2233 4881
   (+506) 2221 6971


TEOR/éTica is a private, non-profit independent project located in San José, Costa Rica. It is dedicated to promote contemporary artistic and curatorial practices from the Central American and Caribbean perspective. It was created following the initiative of Costa Rican artist, curator and researcher Virginia Pérez-Ratton. Amongst its most important initiatives is the Grants and Support Mechanism Program, aimed at encouraging and supporting artistic practices as well as inter-disciplinary and inter-regional collaborations between artists, critics, researchers and curators from Central America and the Caribbean.