Arts Collaboratory

Here and Now: A Collaborative Video Art Vision

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Collaborative Project

The Lady of Syria by Abou Naddara, film still, 2014
Douglas Rodrigo Rada, El foco, video still, 2006

Here and Now: A Collaborative Video Art Vision aims to further connect the partners and strengthen collaboration within the network of Arts Collaboratory. The participating partners are invited to send in one video from their own country or region.

The collaborative project team will then compile a single common festival program to be screened in the various participants’ contexts, aimed at open public places, under one south–south festival identity.

Featuring over 35 videos from different countries across the globe the festival will aid in gaining visibility for the social transformative methodologies employed by artists in more than 20 countries. Through this program festival visitors will learn about the collaborative work that each Arts Collaboratory organization is undertaking around the 'global south'.