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Territories Working Group: Lobby Research Project

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Collaborative Project

Siempreotravez, Periódico fantasma sobre el Encuentro Nacional de Resistencias Autónomas Anticapitalistas [Ghost newspaper on the National Meeting of Anticapitalist Autonomous Resistance], drawing, 2012.
Photo: Art Group 705

The collective Lobby Research Project is based on the involvement with the idea of territorial conflicts, in our local contexts and across the global spectrum. The process based methodology of the Territories Working Group consists of active research, its form depending on the autonomy of vision of each particular context and its own understanding of what lobbying might mean and how it applies to each of the participants. The experience of active research will be shared with entire group while simultaneously detonating temporal activations in the social sphere to be collected in the waypoint of a publication. The publication is not the end of the research, instead it will be produced as a tool to share methodologies, approaches and actions with the Arts Collaboratory community and a wider public through events to generate a transnational background for territorial practices and possible ways of lobbying to reach the enjoyment of the commons.

"Many people in many small places can cultivate gardens and feed the world."