Arts Collaboratory

Minga, Exploring Utopia

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Collaborative Project

Lucia Madriz and Paula Piedra, VERDE the experiment, TEOR/éTica, 2015
Moses Serubiri bird watching, 32º East | Uganda Arts Trust, 2015. Photo: Rocca Gutteridge

"Minga, Exploring Utopia" is an exploration of “utopia” by 21 Arts Collaboratory participating organizations within their contexts. Launched with a manifesto that outlined the multiplicity of perspectives on what utopia could be from each of the participants. Minga participants follow a working methodology designed to facilitate collaborative processes that aim to test how the partners can work together to shape the future of Arts Collaboratory.

Some partners have selected artists to work with them on Minga, others will directly participate as organizations with projects and workshops. The process will be collected and distributed in the forms a news agency to provide information about each partner's project, an map of utopias,  a fictive film, and a digital publication.

Some of the common motivations are the articulation between art, politics, and society, recovering a creative-imaginative potency as a transformative agent of the social reality that each of us experiment in each locality.”

The conformation of a network of creative organizations is an opportunity to broaden our transformative possibilities, linking particular realities to better understand the common situation, enabling critical action upon it.”