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Art Schoolaboratory

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Collaborative Project

Cráter Invertido, Thursday´s collective kitchen and communitary diner, 2015
Arts Schoolaboratory, How can questions generate more complex questions?, publication, 2014

Arts Schoolaboratory is a collaborative project involving six contemporary artistic institutions that focus on educational and learnagogical challenges imposed by their contexts. Arts Schoolaboratory speculates that each of the separate existing practices can contribute to this pedagogical (or learnagogical) framework. The framework will be developed by testing this assumption by establishing a common methodology to work within, which will process each of the existing artistic programs into knowledge production devices.

Education, as a factor in the culture of artistic production, is still based on traditional methods and worldviews, which are hostile to the autonomous thinking that is vital for critical practice. By devising an exchange platform, Arts Schoolaboratory is extraordinarily useful in interrogating this condition. The diverse scale, nature, context, and stance of the organizations affiliated with Arts Collaboratory are priceless resources in terms of their knowledge (re)production practices.

Replicability will be an essential part of this project, in order to discover the intrinsic elements in all of the existing processes. The goal is to develop an open-source model, with a high degree of adaptability so that every organization affiliated with Arts Collaboratory, and others, can incorporate, modify, and improve through time based on their own challenges, contexts, and purposes.