Issue #2 - October 2021

Welcome to documentamtam #2! This is a publication by the Arts Collaboratory network, one of the lumbung artists in documenta fifteen.

For this second edition we are sharing a sort of tour through the Majelis Akbar celebrated between Monday 6 and Thursday 9 of September, 2021. It was the first major virtual assembly that brought together all the people who are making documenta fifteen happen already from now on! The Majelis Akbar was attended by Lumbung members, the artistic team, lumbung artists, and mini majelis —small assemblies of artists.

In this documentamtam we are sharing ideas, conversations, and questions that emerge from the four days of online assembly. It is our desire to share with our ecosystems, starting from the threads and knots that we share on this collective journey.

As Arts Collaboratory, we briefly introduced the present moment of the network and AC School perspective, and participated as harvesters, with our ears and eyes wide open to affinities and possible collaborations that may arise. Some of the questions that guided this harvest are: What is public? What is art? What is Lumbung? The answers to these questions are kept open in fertile dialogues and living processes.

We found important resonances in relation to the possibilities of imaginative and artistic practices, as well as in relation to the means of publication such as the printing press and the radio. While there are other connections that immediately stand out: the notion of school and learning, collectivity, self-organization, and paradigm shifts… perhaps one challenge we have as Arts Collaboratory is our complexity and scale. How to participate as one network-being? Complex, multiple, constantly transforming.

This meeting —which at times felt like a party— was probably the strangest and most peculiar virtual experience we have had since the Covid-19 era forced us to engage in this kind of long-distance linking. More than 100 people logged on each day from many different places around the world, in extremely rare schedules for certain countries. We hope that your sense of time and space will be as altered as ours as you access the contents of this edition.

We would also like to thank Nino Bulling, Safdar Ahmed and Sebastián Díaz Morales for sharing their harvest included in this edition. This is a harvest to share! Enjoy!

– Editorial group for this issue (Andrés, Dina, Jaza, Sari)

Critical paranoid

(((((Conversation’s echo)))))

Storytelling - session with the artistic team- Day 1

Celebration and venues

What is ruruhaus - Day 2

lumbung artists - Party Office / Amol K Patil - Day 2

Where is the art? - Session with Tania Bruguera - Day 3

lumbung artists - Jumana Emil Abboud / Arts Collaboratory / Majelis on translation / Intermundial Holobiente - Day 3

Where is the art? Working group session - day 4

Breakout room Majelis Akbar day 4 9/9/21 please refer to video for all the detalis, names, and other important information. This is a fragmented transcription and very loosely interpretation of moments from the conversation Where is the art? You can see and listen to the whole recording at HERE! Please see the reference for the names of people who are transcripted, this is a free version of what I heard. (I think you have to login into lumbung social to see al content ask for the usr/pass in chat).

Question of funding? - day 4

Working groups - lumbung press / lumbung gallery / ruru kids - day 4

Majelis akbar script


Thank you all for sharing your work!!

These style drawings are from Sari Dennise

These style drawings are from Nino Bulling

These style drawings are from Jazael Olguín Zapata

These style drawings are from Safdar Ahmed

These style videos are from Sebastián Díaz Morales

These style intervention are from Andrés Villalobos

The script is a collaboration between Sari, Jazael Dina and Andrés

The end