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The annual assembly is integral to the way in which Arts Collaboratory operates as a translocal organization in line with our ethical principles. It is the moment in which the organizations gather and live together, share and tool knowledge, address issues and challenges in a mode of collective study, and engage in decision-making processes. 

An annual assembly for collective decision-making and knowledge exchange is hosted rotationally by the members. The assembly is seen as a village square where exchange, active learning, and collaborations among institutions are made possible. It is the place where we talk about each other’s stories, struggles, and ideas and where collaborations and projects are birthed; where we collectively build the capacity of individual organizations and the AC ecosystem, and where we take decisions.

The assembly is also invested in its local context. By visiting sites and institutions of the given location, Art Collaboratory members grasp how the local ecosystems function. Further, AC invites institutions and artists to collaborate on making the assembly a reality – via hosting and other activities. Assemblies play a critical role as a laboratory for organizations to study together. They provide a space for individual organisations to learn to navigate local dynamics, while also collectively envisioning ways to deal with unfolding challenges in and beyond AC.

This year the assembly will be held in multiple locations. Smaller groups will first gather in Lebanon and Palestine to study together before converging in Jordan for the final sessions.

Previous Assemblies:

2018 Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan

2017 Costa Rica

2016 Kyrgyzstan

2015 Senegal

2014 Indonesia

2019 Uganda