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Arts Collaboratory is a place for self-care and working in common across territories to form a community of solidarity based on mutualism, empathy, and vulnerability. The aim of unlearning capital- and productivity-driven working methods is central to the way the network thinks but also lives. Instead of filing reports, members participate in collective and consistent study practices that prioritize process and openness over success.

The network strives for horizontality among members. Each of the participating organizations commits to common ethical principles and contributes to the ecosystem’s health. 

An annual assembly for collective decision-making and knowledge exchange is hosted rotationally by the members. Otherwise the ecosystem regenerates itself through collective projects and small-scale meetings called Bangas, which are based on a “call for gathering” for friendship, reciprocal support, collective study on a particular subject/issue, and tooling. 

These principles are given form in collaborative artistic projects that range from residencies, exchanges, and curatorial enquiry, to grassroots action and co-publications across the ecosystem. Such projects create tools that allow for new channels of creation and “radical imagination” beyond geographic, political, and linguistic divides.

Download our Common Language here