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Collaborative projects

More of us:  is a publication that shares culture, critique and creativity from the global South to shift perspectives, deepen understanding, and inspire people towards collective action.

Territories 2.0: translocal Study Process, including digital media, residencies and Individual organizations study cases.

Commons sharing: the project brings together the long-term interests in commons, and attempts to think together about what the commons means and what role artistic practice might play in the valuing of commoning in our communities.

Panic! Pan African: PAN!C is the Pan African Network of Independent Contemporaneity, a online platform for independent contemporary art spaces on the African Continent. 

Boda Boda Lounge: a cross-continental video art project that take place at over 15 spaces across the African continent. The project is based on the conviction that video art can create exchanges between different contexts in Africa that allow both the transcending of physical boundaries and the creation of an intimate atmosphere for introspection and contemplation. 

Collab P Publication: This will be a publication of all the collaborative projects including projects that are taking place until the end of AC as we know it. 

Inside Out: is a project of a traveling exhibition on the African continent. This exhibition deals with visa issues for Africans in Africa and aims to make goods (works) travel and facilitate the mobility of people (artists) to exchange on the different contexts about border, migration and visa issues and especially on their different artistic practices through workshops. 

Scattered Seeds: raise a cultural migration through the original figure of the seed, a “genetic” material of the same mother in different places; however, this material grows in different soil, this causes it to adopt particular languages of its own. African and Afro-Colombian cultures are sisters who grew up in different contexts, our interest is to bring them together and allow us to explore their similarities and differences from an open, honest and inclusive place. 

Documenta Kassel 15_AC School: AC is one of the inspirations of coming to the lumbung (the main topic of documenta 15) amongst others. In the artistic team we are thinking of AC in the same way, how can documenta inform AC’s long term process, and acknowledging the lessons learned from AC.