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Triangles and working groups

The Arts Collaboratory ecosystem requires strong rituals and habits to interiorize and practice the self-managed model. Establishing a common rhythm is necessary to keep this process alive. This rhythm is understood as the habit of conversation, studying, and working together, and is formulated through the mechanisms of triangles made up of three AC organizations and working groups that take up the maintenance of the ecosystem – from fun(d)raising for the common wealth of the ecosystem, to taking of our internal and external communications.

The main topics we are currently studying on the working groups on are as follows: 

Abundancy: studying and caring for the collective pot and all the untangible resources the Network has. It is also an open group to collectively fundraise for the network.

Commitment: studies the ways of self governance and decision making.

Cyclical learning: discussing on how to learn in our organizations through dynamical methodologies that are context oriented (instead of standard evaluation systems) and also shareable with others. 

Translation: reading AC as a culture, and as such, with its practice, its history and its languages, values, tools and experiences that invite the possibility of translation through object, through journey, through a ritual or a habit of practice.

External and internal communication: seeking to keep the presence of AC alive and developing strategies as TAM-TAM, one of our communication tools/mechanisms for accountability, update and sharing of important, relevant and synthesized information.

Archiving:  a proposal on how to document and archive AC’s working process.

Network health: proposes techniques and solutions, when needed, that help in inclusive communication, planning and decision making, problem solving and habitualization methods.