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A cultural and social laboratory founded on artistic experimentation, open culture, and shared knowledge, in Dakar, Senegal 

Kër Thiossane is a venue for research, residence, creation and training dedicated to social and artistic innovation. It encourages the integration of multimedia in traditional artistic and creative practices, and seeks to support the mixing of disciplines. With it’s fablab and the Garden Jardin Jet d’Eau, Kër Thiossane,as a multimedia and cultural space for artistic and citizenship imagination, focuses its activities on research into art and new technologies and what they imply in our societies. Kër Thiossane seeks to link the development of artistic digital practices to other domains of society; education and training, creative industries, citizenship, ecology, city development… 

Through the activities it offers, Kër Thiossane brings new technologies within reach of as many people as possible as tools for expression and creation but also as tools for access to culture and knowledge. Since 2008, Kër Thiossane organized 8 editions of Afropixel Festival which invites international actors of digital art to exchange with local actors and federate to collectively contribute to a better perception and dissemination of digital arts in Africa. Through this initiative, it also allows the public and Senegalese artists to be in tune with the changes related to the development of ICT and the questions or modes of expression that result, while preserving their identities.